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Familiar and healthy recipes

The art of cooking only with the freshest products from the zone based on family recipes but with a modern touch.

Immerse yourself in nature

Our garden, an oasis in the Way. Con música tranquila de fondo y aire fresco, es el lugar ideal para respirar.

Special environment

Own design of the created with recycled pallets, cans and jars combined with daisies and vines.
Salmon dish at El Jardin Meeting Point in Fromista

Our dishes

Handmade elaborated food, without forgetting about the basics, because we know that it is there where the essence of the most exquisite meals is enclosed.
See our menu
Sweets at El Jardin Meeting Point in Fromista


Characteristic and original flavors make the end of the meals an outburst of feelings for the sweet tooth´s.
Breakfast at El Jardin Meeting Point in Fromista


Start the day with the first rays of sunshine and the flavours of toasted bread and coffee.
"Super. Tasty regional food, very helpfull, if you have a food allergie, moderate prices, they have an eye for small details ... just excellent and a place to recommend!! They have also a beautiful place outside to relax."
Kati S via Tripadvisor
"Diner. Such a lovely place for dinner! it changes from the other pelegrim's menu of the town. very good food quality and a nice place to relax, at any time of the day."
Jerome D via Tripadvisor

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Restaurant El Jardín Meeting Point in Fromista

Discover our restaurant

The Garden Meeting Point is the place to have a creamy coffee or a cold beer in a quiet atmosphere. In this kitchen everything is seasoned with love, from salads and vegetable soups to lasagna or cod, cooked with familiar and healthy recipes. We have a variety of dishes without forgetting to offer vegetarian options.
As an oasis on the Way under the shade of the trees on the hottest days and by torchlight with bright stars in the sky in the most romantic summer nights.
A space of rest for walkers, after a day in which they have met someone with whom they want to share a tea, or for visitors to relax and enjoy a garden in “Tierra de campos”.

Discover The Garden

Restaurant El Jardín Meeting Point in Fromista
Special dishes. Vegetarian and gluten free dishes are available in our usual menu and food prepared without salt upon request in advance. See our allergens menu.
Children menu.  We have the dishes that the little ones love, as well as entertainment books to entertain and games in the garden
Menu in different languages.  Our menu is available at least in Spanish and English
Groups.  We prepare menus for groups on request. You can celebrate with us a dinner with friends, your children's birthday or any celebration. Leave in our hands the details and everything will be fine.
Pets. You can bring your pet to our garden.
Bikes. You can park your bike in our private garden.

ContacT Us

Address Information

C/Francesa, 8  C.P. 34440
Frómista (Palencia)
W 04º 24’ 12’ N 42º 16’ 08’


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