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The delicious bites of the Garden
  • Soup of the day: carrot and pumpkin soup of the day made with local vegetables - 4,5€
  • Rabas: breaded squid rings, with lemon to garnish them - 5€
  • Homemade croquettes: croquettes stuffed with a soft béchamel sauce and bits of our region:
    • Boletus - 6,9€
    • Ham from Frómista - 5€
    • Mixed portion - 6,3€
  • Artisanal loin and local cheese: artisanal cured loin from Frómista based on natural tomato and olive oil with sheep mature cheese - 6,5€
Salads that will not leave you indifferent
  • Poppy salad: fresh lettuce, crunchy bacon, avocado, nuts and raisins – Yogurt dressing - 7,5€
  • Raspberry salad: Fresh lettuce, grilled goat cheese, raspberries and raspberry balsamic vinegar - 6,9€
The main dishes are for everyone
  • Entrecote: authentic steak from Palencia with potatoes - 13€
  • Meat lasagne: Sheet of pasta stuffed with meat, tomato sauce and a touch of oregano - 9,5€
  • Spinach lasagne: sauteed spinach, onions and raisins lasagne - 8,5€
  • Salmon: grilled salmon on lemon and rosemary sauce with tomato and black olives tartare - 10€
  • Veggie: Chickpeas from the area with sauteed vegetables and artichoke mayonnaise - 7,5€
  • Cod: cod in tomato and red peppers sauce and potatoes - 10,9€
  • Doña hamburger: tasty beef, crunchy bacon, melted cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce - 6,5€
  • El Jardin hamburger: veggie burger with cheese from the zone, tomato and lettuce - 6,5€
Especially for the most gourmand people
  • Sponge cake: blueberry sponge cake with lemon flavour - 3€
  • Yogurt: creamy yogurt with fresh fruit - 3,5€
  • Brownie: intense black chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream - 4,9€
  • Ice cream with crunchy chocolate - 3,5€
  • Cheesecake: delicious cheesecake on a base of Maria biscuit original from Palencia with blackberry jam - 4,9€
The breakfast of the champions
  • Adults - 8,75€
  • Childen (under 12 years old) - 3,75€

Composed by natural and healthy products, of a superior quality. Our first meal of the day will not leave you indifferent.

For breakfast in the hotel Doña Mayor we have products for every taste: freshly squeezed orange juice and good olive oil or chocolate to accompany the slices of bread; the freshest fruit of every season; cheeses and cold meat from our land; homemade sponge cake and cereal or yogurt to start with energy.

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C/Francesa, 8  C.P. 34440
Frómista (Palencia)
W 04º 24’ 12’ N 42º 16’ 08’


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