05 July 2022

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Activities agenda: summer in Doña Mayor

Sunny afternoons and swimming pool


hotel piscina fromista palencia


The desire to immerse ourselves in water is something innate to human beings. Our pool, in a garden full of charm, invites you to refresh your legs after touring our land, to rest on the lounger with a good book, to drink a craft beer or a glass of wine with Denomination of Origin.

Whether you've arrived on foot along the Camino or are exploring the Canal de Castilla, an afternoon in the pool will comfort you. If you want a little extra relaxation, come by Lidia's hands in a reflexotherapy massage. Enjoy the relaxation.



Cycle touring


canal de castilla by bike


The path of the Canal de Castilla is a flat path, which always goes along the water, under the shade of native trees and accompanied by the sound of hundreds of birds.

Take OUR BIKES and ride it...stop, observe, breathe and feel the nature and tranquility of Palencia.





activities events fromista events to see when


Every year, in July, the Jornadas Astronómicas de Frómista (Frómista Astronomical Days) are held and on August 14 we go out to observe the Perseids, the summer star shower.

These activities are part of the program that we present this year along with other accommodations in our land: The Skies of Castile, stargazing activities in the province of Palencia.

We are a Starlight accommodation and it is no coincidence: the quality of our skies is certified. Choose your date and get ready to discover the universe.

In addition, you have to visit San Pedro Culturalthe first Starlight monument. You will be amazed.



Canoeing and other water activities



The Canal de Castilla and rivers such as the Pisuerga and the Carrión run through our province with great flow, but very calm waters. Paddling in canoeing along the Canal or paddle surfing is refreshing and suitable for all ages. Come and try it!



Visit the Romanesque of Palencia


saint martin fromista romanic


Surely someone has recommended it to you, or maybe you are an art lover. You can't miss visit St. MartinSan Martín, a fairytale church, one of those that you never tire of looking at and photographing. Our tribute to this architectural jewel is our name: Doña Mayor was the queen who ordered the construction of San Martín. A key woman in the history of our town and who lived one of the periods of splendor of Frómista. Let them tell you in a guided story this visit that you will never forget.