29 April 2022

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Wine tourism in Palencia


Wine tourism in Palencia? Of course you can, we tell you about it in this post. Palencia is a beautiful province and one of the most unknown too. But for those of us who know it, we know that it is not only the province with more Romanesque monuments, but it is also a place where impressive artisan and gastronomic products are unified.


For lovers of gastronomy and good wine, from the Eco - Hotel Doña Mayor we tell you some wine routes for you to discover the wonders of wine tourism in Palencia.



Wine tourism route in Palencia


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If there is something in which Palencia is gaining prominence is as a destination for wine tourism, and it is that in this

province you can make several wine routes and visit the old cellars where wine has been produced for hundreds of years.


Many visitors and tourists visit Palencia attracted by its wonderful and great wine legacy. And not only that, the province of Palencia has two denominations of origin: Arlanza and Cigales.


If you are a lover of good wine, you will surely recognize these designations of origin that, together with the Ribera del Duero designation of origin, create must-see routes if you are a connoisseur of this drink from the grape. Read on and we will tell you which are our favorite visits.




Denominations of Origin of Wines in Palencia


The Denominations of Origin of wines in Palencia are Arlanza and Cigales. Of the former, it is known through some documents found in the monasteries between Arlanza and Arlanzón that wine production dates back to the tenth century, although in the early twentieth century wine production came to a halt due to the transfer of many farmers to the city.



At the end of the twentieth century (1995) this tradition of wine production regained momentum and thanks to the great work to recognize the tradition of wine in Palencia, in 2007 it finally acquired the recognition of the Arlanza Designation of Origin.



As for the Denomination of Origin Cigales, despite being less recognized outside its territory, this denomination was obtained in 1991. It is worth mentioning that its winemaking tradition also goes back centuries and it has a large number of centenary wineries.




Wine routes in Palencia


Each of our Denominations of Origin, both Arlanza and Cigales, have their own wine route in Palencia. A great tourist resource for the province and an excellent way to publicize its culture and gastronomy.


Our Eco-hotel knows the importance of wine tourism for our beloved Palencia and that is why in this post we are going to tell you about the Arlanza Wine Route.


Pack your bags, you're in for a flavorful getaway!



The Arlanza Wine Route


This beautiful route runs along the path that draws the river that bears the same name. You will visit unique places full of tradition and history, such as Torquemada or Baltanás, towns closely linked to the tradition of wine and where you can visit their subway cellars.


The Arlanza Wine Route also offers many other tourist resources, including charming towns such as Silos, Covarrubias and Lerma, also known as the Arlanza Triangle.




La Zarcera del Barrio de Bodegas of Baltanás


You may not have heard of Baltanás, but if you are a lover of good wine, history and traditions, it is an obligatory stop on your wine route in Palencia. The Barrio de Bodegas de Baltanás is part of the Designation of Origin Arlanza, not only that, it is also very close to the Designations of Origin Ribera de Duero and Cigales.


This neighborhood is special because inside you will find about 400 wineries, in addition, in 2015 it was declared of Cultural Interest thanks to "La Zarcera" a project that the Baltanasiegos started to show tourists their great wine heritage through guided routes through Baltanás.




Esteban Araujo Winery in Torquemada (DO Arlanza)


The town of Torquemada deserves a special mention, since its neighborhood of bodegas is an Asset of Cultural Interest. This district has an approximate surface area of 120,000 square meters and is the largest winery district in Castilla y León, with 465 wineries.


This town is home to wonderful family wineries dating back to the nineteenth century known as Bodegas Esteban Araujo. Currently these wineries produce and market wine under the denomination of origin Arlanza. You can visit them with the family and learn about the winemaking process.



Señorío de Valdesneros Winery in Torquemada (DO Arlanza)


Señorío de Valdesneros Winery has its own vineyard and has been awarded several national and international prizes. A family winery that organizes visits and tastings to learn about its history.



Bodegas Remigio Salas Jalón in Dueñas (DO Cigales)



These wineries located in Dueñasowned by a family in love with wine has a collection of wines made exclusively from their own vineyards. It has a total of 89 hectares of which 80% is very old vines, planted after the phylloxera. The remaining vineyard was planted at the end of the 80's with a selection of the best vines from old vineyards. These vines have a lot of history that can be discovered during a visit.


Bodegas Barrialba in Venta de Baños


This winery explains its vision as a "commitment to quality and respect for the land". It produces its wines in Venta de Baños in a totally artisanal way with Tempranillo grapes.



Where to sleep in Palencia


Our Eco-hotel is located in Frómista and is the ideal place to enjoy not only wine tourism in Palencia but also other pleasures such as discovering the Romanesque heritage, walking along the Canal de Castilla or discovering the secrets of Tierra de Campos.


In addition, if you are a fan of good food, our accommodation in Palencia only serves local products of kilometer 0, seasonal and totally organic products.


The Eco-hotel Doña Mayor is spacious, with large windows and simple decor, with colors reminiscent of the Tierra de Campos. A bright accommodation in the heart of Palencia that is sure to become your favorite.


Come visit us and discover wine tourism in Palencia!