The Ages of Man Exhibition in Carrión de Los Condes 2021


This year the provinces of Burgos, Palencia and León are hosting the twenty-fifth edition of the exhibition Las Edades del Hombre 2021. These provinces have not been chosen at random, as Burgos, Carrión de los Condes and Sahagún are key points on the route of one of the most important routes around the world, the Camino de Santiago, more specifically, the route of the French Camino de Santiago that reaches Compostela.


This year the Exhibition is held under the term "LUX" whose Latin meaning is light, as well as coinciding with the eighth centenary of the Cathedral of Burgos and the Jacobean Holy Year 2021.


The Ages of Man Exhibition 2021 aims to highlight the value of two World Heritage Sites, the Cathedral of Burgos and the French Way of St. James, both of which are authentic jewels not only for culture but also for tourism at an international level. 220 selected pieces make up this great national Exhibition, which can be seen throughout the year from 30 June to 19 December in its different stages.



Where is the Ages of Man 2021 Exhibition?


This year 2021, Carrión de los Condes, in the province of Palencia, will be the chosen venue for the Las Edades del Hombre Exhibition, just 20 minutes away from our Eco Hotel!


In Carrión de los Condes the exhibition will be hosted by the church of Santa María del Camino and the church of Santiago, hosting the next part of the exhibition divided into three chapters, "Ave, María", "Tota Pulchra" and "Virgo et Mater". A wonderful display of works of art by artists such as Pedro Berruguete and his son Alonso Berruguete, Fernando Gallego, Diego de Siloé, Juan de Valmaseda, Felipe Vigarny, Alejo de Vahía, Ortiz El Viejo and many others of great artistic and religious relevance.


In Burgos, you can visit the exhibition in the Cathedral, where the exhibition is entitled "Faith and art in the era of the cathedrals, 1050-1550". Sahagún also has two venues in its Sanctuary of the Pilgrim Virgin and the Mudejar Romanesque church of San Tirso.



Where to stay to see the Ages of Man Exhibition 2021


If you are looking for a nearby accommodation to see the Las Edades del Hombre 2021 Exhibition, our Eco-Hotel Doña Mayor is located in the heart of Frómista, just 20 minutes away from Carrión de los Condes, where the exhibition will take place. Our eco-hotel in Palencia is ready to welcome you while you enjoy an experience that will take you back in time.


From the Eco-hotel Doña Mayor we invite you not only to enjoy a wonderful exhibition, but also to discover the architectural gems of our surroundings, as our province is one of the areas with more Romanesque art in Europe and a key point of the Camino de Santiago. Undoubtedly, our hotel is one of the best options from which to discover them.


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