The Perseids" star shower


23 July 2021

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Where to see the Perseids star shower in Palencia


Observing the sky, and specifically watching the star shower, is something that has fascinated mankind since the beginning of its existence. The stars are the origin of mythology, pilgrimage routes, navigation and many other things that affect our daily lives without us realising it.


Looking up at the sky to see the stars and feel the immensity of the universe makes us connect with nature and feel at peace. That is why every summer, when August arrives, we encourage you to go out into the countryside and look up at the sky: you will be able to observe the Perseids or the Tears of St. Lawrence.



What is the Perseid meteor shower?


To the naked eye, we perceive them as stars that move across the sky as if they were raindrops for a few seconds. In reality, they are dust particles the size of a grain of sand that, when they cross the Earth's atmosphere, volatilise and leave that beautiful image we call shooting stars.


In Catholic countries they are also known as the tears of St. Lawrence because the date of his saint's day (10 August) coincides with the peak of the meteor. Shooting stars were associated in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with the tears of Saint Lawrence being burnt on a grill.


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When to see the star shower in Palencia


The meteor shower is a cyclical phenomenon, which can be observed every summer in the northern hemisphere, when comet Swift-Tuttle makes its orbit around the sun.


Although the period of activity is long, from 16 July to 24 August, the maximum number of meteors occurs between 11 and 13 August, with about 100 meteors per hour. Peak meteors can reach up to 400 meteors per hour.


Therefore, the best dates for star shower viewing are between 10 and 15 August.



Where to see the star shower in Palencia


Shooting stars can be seen without a telescope, although a place away from the city and a clear night are essential for them to be visible. For this reason, we recommend that you enjoy this astronomical phenomenon in Frómista, where we are located, as it is a place accredited by the Starlight Foundation for its clear skies as a good place for stargazing.



What to do to see the August star shower in 2021


One trick to see the stars better is to look in the opposite direction to the moon, as the moon is so bright for us that it hides the stars around it. This year, 2021, we are lucky because the moon will be in the crescent, a phase that will allow us to observe the sky properly. However, this trick is not the most advisable for observing the Perseids, as this meteor shower is mainly observed around the constellation Perseus, so that is where we will have to look.


Our recommendation is: to see shooting stars this summer, go out into the countryside and look for the constellation Perseus, looking north, next to the constellation Cassiopeia, which is easily recognisable by its W shape. If you can't find it, you can look for an app to help you find your way around.


But if you want to do this activity accompanied by a guide who will show you where to observe, while telling the stories, legends and curiosities of the constellations, sign up for our shooting star observation "The Perseids" on 14th August in Frómista. We assure you that you will remember the experience every summer when this date approaches!


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