27 April 2022

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Museums in Palencia. Renaissance Fields


If you are looking for the best museums in Palencia, the Territorial Museum Campos del Renacimiento is, without a doubt, a must visit. To know the Tierra de Campos in its entirety, today from our Eco-Hotel we propose you to discover the Museum Campos del Renacimiento, a territorial museum whose objective is to value the resources of the province of Palencia. Do you want to know what this initiative is about? Keep reading!



The Territorial Museum Campos del Renacimiento: What is it?


The Territorial Museum of the Renaissance Fields arises from the initiative to bring visitors to Palencia the historical, monumental and landscape richness of Tierra de Campos.


After three years of intense work, the Territorial Museum was inaugurated in 2021 with an open day in the towns where the Museum is located. In addition, it has the seal of quality of the Ages of Man being this foundation in charge of creating the exhibition itinerary and its management.



Tour of the Territorial Museum of the Renaissance Fields


This Territorial Museum has a particularity, which is that it is made up of four localities that have unified their parish museums.


Tierra de Campos is a magnificent destination and cradle of the artistic and cultural revolution that took place during the Renaissance. The itinerary of the Territorial Museum of the Renaissance Fields will take you to visit Becerril de Campos, Paredes de Nava, Cisneros and Fuentes de Nava, towns in Palencia where the largest number of Renaissance artistic works of our country are concentrated.


Its value is incalculable and thanks to this new joint project of the church and the administrations, you can enjoy this artistic catalog in a route of approximately 50 kilometers. You will visit the same places once traveled by figures such as Pedro and Alonso Berruguete, Alejo de Vahía, Jorgue Manrique, among others.



Stages of the Territorial Museum Fields of the Renaissance


In these five stages we will visit the five churches that make up the headquarters of the territorial museum: the Church of Santa María (in Becerril de Campos); Santa Eulalia (in Paredes de Nava); the churches of San Pedro and the church of San Facundo and San Primitivo (in Cisneros) and, finally, the Church of Santa María (in Fuentes de Nava).


Not only will we get to know the sites of the Territorial Museum, but also five iconic characters of the Renaissance. Get ready for a tour full of art and history!



Stage 1. Becerril de Campos and the Church of Santa María.


Our adventure begins in Becerril de Campos, first destination and place where the first seat of the Territorial Museum is located: the Church of Santa María with its exhibition "Tierra de María".


Inside you can admire the collection of works by Pedro Berruguete and Alejo de Vahía. In fact, its status as a museum was given many years ago in 1973, so you will also find other artistic works by Juan de Juni and Francisco Giralte.


Do you want to soak up the tourism in Becerril? Visit also its arcaded square, the remains of its wall, or the Church of San Miguel and San Pedro Cultural.



Stage 2. Paredes de Nava and the Church of Santa Eulalia.


renaissance fields

Stage 2 of the Territorial Museum of Campos del Renacimiento will take you through the streets of one of the municipalities that once had the most inhabitants in the province of Palencia, Paredes de Nava.


Its church, the Church of Santa Eulalia, hosts the exhibition "Christ and his Church". This restored building of different architectural styles presents an incredible collection of paintings, documents, sculptures and gold and silver work. One of the most significant works that you will find are the paintings of the Kings of Judah by the artist Pedro Berruguete.



Stage 3 and 4. Cisneros and the Church of San Pedro and the Church of San Facundo and San Primitivo.


Stage 3 takes us directly to Cisneros where two stops await us, the Church of San Pedro and the Church of San Facundo and San Primitivo.


renaissance fields territorial museum palenciaIn the first one we will be able to go into the exhibition "Our Church", an exhibition that will take you back to the first settlers, will take you to know works of art and sculptures and where you will understand the importance of the Church for the lands of Palencia.


After visiting the Church of San Pedro, the Church of San Facundo and San Primitivo awaits us, which, together with the Church of Santa María (in Fuentes de Nava), houses the Centro de Interpretación de las Techumbres Mudéjares (Interpretation Center of Mudejar Ceilings). At present, the province of Palencia preserves a large number of Mudejar coffered ceilings. It is worth mentioning those found in this church, which were also restored by the Historical Heritage Foundation of Castile and Leon.



Stage 5. Fuentes de Nava and the Santa María Church


Our tour ends in Fuentes de Nava, after seeing altarpieces and artistic works of the greatest of the Renaissance in Spain, in the headquarters of the Church of Santa Maria highlights especially the perfectly preserved Mudejar coffered ceiling.


If you decide to go sightseeing in Fuentes de Nava you can not miss the tower of the church of San Pedro, its bell tower is known as the "Star of Campos" and is an icon in the image of the town.



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Did you not know the Territorial Museum of the Renaissance Fields? From the Eco-Hotel Doña Mayor we propose other excursions for you to know Palencia from end to end. Did you know that Palencia is the province with the most Romanesque art in Spain? We have prepared for you some routes for you to discover incredible monuments or, if you are more of a nature lover Palencia Mountains is your ideal destination.


Relax and discover Palencia with us! We are waiting for you.